Age, pride and quality of life - Gail's #NAW2018 story

I came across my apprenticeship by accident, I wasn’t aware that you could be an apprentice over the age of 25. I am 48 and I thought that I would never be considered because of my age.

I have always worked in customer service but since starting my apprenticeship with Plus Dane I feel that I actually have some worth in my career now and I take great pride in being able to help our customers through to the final part of their enquiries. I think I have finally found my vocation in life.

I have had lots of support off my mentor Olivia, all my colleagues, my line manager Lauren, my Tutor Elia from Riverside College and everyone in all the departments across the company have helped to guide me through different processes and situations.

I no longer have to work evenings or weekends and I find that my quality of life outside of work has improved, more time to spend with my family and friends but mostly my two young granddaughters.

All the feedback I have received from my colleagues, mentor, line manager and customer service manager has been really positive and up to now I have achieved 100% in my call scores and I have been told I have a way of calming some of our more upset customers down. I feel I have achieved more than I thought I would ever accomplish and I have picked up the role really quickly within the office considering I have never worked in an office before.

For all the reasons above, I would tell anyone considering an apprenticeship to absolutely go for it! You get experience along the way and it will be easier to get a job at the end and you get paid for it. You learn new skills and make a lot of friends.

The benefits you receive within the company and the salary you earn are an added bonus. I love the team meetings and the insight you get within all the departments we liaise with. It is definitely the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone.