An update to our customers


An update on how we're currently delivering our services as we continue to look to protect the health and wellbeing of customers and colleagues.

Dear Customer

The last six months have been tough for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that this led to has had an impact on us all in some way.

We want to thank you for the patience you’ve shown as we have tried to continue to deliver the best possible service, while putting the safety of our customers and colleagues first and following government guidance.

Having suspended non-essential services in March, we have been able to resume many and are currently working through the backlog of work.  As we have seen with recent local lockdowns, the virus has not gone away and as a responsible employer and landlord, while things may be taking a little longer, the most important thing is that we do not risk the health and lives of our colleagues and customers.

We would ask that you continue to have understanding for the current situation and be patient if it takes us a little longer than normal to deal with your issue. We really are doing our upmost to provide the best service possible.


If you have logged a repair with us, please be assured we will get to you as soon as we can.  The majority of repairs reported during lockdown have now been given an appointment slot and you should have heard from us when we will be calling to your home.  The exceptions to this are some of the larger jobs where more than one person needs to attend, in particular plastering and ground works.  Due to social distancing it is taking slightly longer to complete this work.

We would ask that you avoid calling up again to check where your request is up to as our phone lines are extremely busy at the moment and you may be forced to wait in a queue. If your repair worsens however, we would ask that you get in touch as we may need to adjust the priority level.

Grass cutting

The Environmental team has been working hard to catch up on maintaining our grassed areas, the recent heavy rains have slowed us down and we are currently operating on a 4 weekly cycle instead of 3. We have begun to trim some hedges and although we are usually further along by now, we are looking at catching up on both hedge and grass cutting over the next couple of weeks while also balancing the need to keep costs low for our customers.

Service charges

We made a commitment at the start of lockdown that you would not be charged for services that you didn’t receive.  We are in the process of reviewing the charges in order for us to make necessary adjustments to customer accounts.

Anti-social behaviour

Our community safety team has received a very high level of reports of anti-social behaviour, many of which are not matters that we have the powers to intervene and resolve. The matters brought to our attention are largely down to the circumstances people find themselves in such as:

  • children not having been in school since March,
  • increased levels of noise as people are at home more;
  • people working from home that need peace and quiet
  • a general heightening of anxiety and tensions as we have been confined to our homes.

While we will always look to take firm action against those behaving in an anti-social way, we would ask that you consider carefully whether the issues you are experiencing do constitute something that we would be able to take enforcement action to resolve.    We understand that this is a stressful time but ask that you remain tolerant of your neighbours as they are also having to spend more time indoors than normal.  We are regularly putting messages out on our website and social media channels asking tenants to be considerate of their neighbours and those around them in terms of noise levels and in return we ask that you show tolerance of higher than normal disruption, particularly relating to children playing.

Supporting you

Tenants who have been part of the furlough scheme will know that it is due to come to an end in October. We appreciate this may force people into financial hardship so if this does impact you, our teams can support you with understanding and applying for any benefits you could receive. We also have programmes of work supporting tenants into employment.

As ever, we want to reassure you that if you need us, we are here and always available to help, we just ask that you consider before contacting us while we focus on getting back to as full a service as possible. If you do have an emergency we need and want to hear from you so please get in touch. 


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