Apprentice Joiner Michael talks helping people, confidence and trust #NAW2018

I love being an apprentice at Plus Dane. I like helping others and it’s nice to work somewhere that wants to support people – that’s a good feeling to have coming into work every day.

As an apprentice joiner my role is an important one because I’m helping make people’s homes nicer, and safer. For example, we will get called out to jobs where the lock on a door is broken, or a window has been smashed, so I’ll go out with the team and help them to fix the problem. It’s good for me knowing that I’m helping to make someone’s home more secure and a better place to live.

Also, being an apprentice means I’m able to learn as I earn. Because of the hands-on experience I’m getting on the job I’m able to use these skills at home. I’ve told my mum and dad, who are Plus Dane tenants, I’ll help them with any jobs and I’ve offered to build a fence for my nan and grandad. When I’m older and have a house of my own I know I’ll be able to make improvements to it myself because of what I’m learning on the job.

2 years in and I’m still learning, the team and the managers give me lots of support and I’m always getting advice on how I can progress in my career. I really like it when someone gives me a bigger job to do because it means that they trust that I can do it. It makes a difference when someone has that belief in you; and it's building up my confidence too.

There are lots of opportunities to develop extra skills too at Plus Dane. I’ve just done a locksmith course which I really enjoyed, and I’m learning more about safeguarding and health and safety, which is important for when I’m working with our tenants.

I’d love to stay on with Plus Dane after my apprenticeship finishes because it’s a place where I know I’m building my confidence and somewhere I’d like to build my career.