Bromley Farm Wellbeing Hub Attracts More Than 1200 Residents


Plus Dane Housing is proud to highlight that nearly 1300 residents have accessed its community facility, which was established in partnership with local residents in mid-January 2015.

The Bromley Farm Wellbeing Hub (BFWH) was formed following The Wellbeing Matters: Bromley Farm Inquiry, which involved 25 residents from the estate and a series of consultation workshops involving residents and stakeholders over a period of nine weeks. This was designed to empower and enable the community to articulate an informed view of the actions that individuals, communities, organisations and decision-makers should support and adopt to ensure that wellbeing was improved at Bromley Farm.

BFWH is a vibrant community led facility situated in the heart of Bromley Farm. A wide range of services are delivered on a weekly basis to help improve the health and wellbeing of local residents. BFWH has also joined up with a range of health agencies to bring services locally to residents who most require them.

Usman Ashiq, Health & Wellbeing Officer at Plus Dane Housing added “We are really pleased to have established this unique facility in close collaboration with local residents. All the projects and initiatives delivered from this facility aim to meet the needs and expectations of local residents in order to improve wellbeing and reduce health inequalities amongst residents. We look forward to building on this success by working with residents and partner organisations to make a real difference to the Bromley Farm estate and surrounding areas.

For more information please contact Usman on: 01260 288422