Christopher's story

Christopher has lived in Plus Dane's supported housing complex Anne Conway House for four months. He had previously lived in hostels all across the city and on the streets.

“To me, this is the Waldorf Astoria,” he says.

“I’m no longer homeless. I’ve got somewhere to live, I’ve got a lovely little room, and I’ve got some very good friends. Because I’m off the streets, I’ve started to write poems and I’m writing a book.

“I absolutely love it here, and now I think about how I’d like my own flat or bedsit one day. My key workers look after me and make sure I behave – I needed to learn I can’t carry on the way I’ve been going, otherwise I’ll end up back out there sleeping on a park bench.”

The support offered by Anne Conway House has allowed Christopher to get into a routine that has restored some order to his life, allowing him to keep clean, eat better and limit the type of alcohol he consumes, with regular medical check-ups to monitor the effect of his drinking. Through Liverpool Waves of Hope’s New Beginnings scheme, he takes part in outside activities like creative writing in a way that is most beneficial to him.

He says: “One great thing about living in Anne Conway House is its cleanliness, as I have lived in some terrible places. But I love it here and I love my key workers. I get food, and my money each day, and I feel like a human being.”