Community problem solving group funds police bikes


Police in a Merseyside neighbourhood are tackling anti-social behaviour on their own quad bikes.

Police in a Merseyside neighbourhood are tackling anti-social behaviour on their own quad bikes. The Force is targeting off-road scrambler bikes being ridden illegally in the Liverpool 8 area, which can be raced dangerously and thoughtlessly across open spaces.

Two quad bikes and personalised kit for the police have been funded by a working group dedicated to solving problems in the area, comprising members of Liverpool City Council, the police, and local housing associations, including Neighbourhood investor, Plus Dane Group.

A donation three years ago allowed Merseyside Police to buy the quad bikes, and more recent funding has allowed the officers who use them to be kitted out in personal safety gear including boots, gloves and helmets, as well as undergoing specialist training. 

The quad bikes ensure easier pursuit of riders on scrambler bikes to enable the Police to take action.

Neighbourhood Inspector Stuart Quirk said: "We recognise that the anti-social use of off-road scrambler bikes is not only noisy and a nuisance to the local community, but can also be dangerous. The quad bikes ensure police have greater options to identify illegal bikes and to provide a visible presence in parks and open spaces.

"By working with partners, we can focus on what really matters to our local communities and work together to tackle such issues."

Plus Dane Group’s Neighbourhood Investment manager Ali Phillipson said: “Plus Dane has been working with partners in this neighbourhood for some time now, to address issues that affect residents who live here.

“As part of this we have all come together to contribute to the provision of police quad bikes, in order to address anti-social behaviour. Through working together problems can be resolved and create a safe and happy environment for residents to live in.”