Conah's #NAW2017 Story

"There are many things that I find are great about apprenticeships in general and specific to my own apprenticeship with Plus Dane."

As a whole, apprenticeships provide young people, such as myself, with a chance of getting into the business world without the risk of going to university and accumulating a lot of debt. Not only this, we also get paid for what work we do. This means that we can start to be financially independent instead of relying on things such as a student loan to come in once every few months or needing backing from parents with our financial needs. In an apprenticeship, you also get the benefit of learning transferable skills which can be applied to the majority of positions in almost any organisation.

As much as these benefits were crucial in making my overall decision to take on an apprenticeship instead of university, I also wanted to take this on as it gives me a true experience of a working day and working week. This gives me an appreciation for those who are constantly working harder and harder.

As a Customer Service apprentice for Plus Dane, I am exposed to all sides of our organisation and get to experience, first hand, all that we do. When working for Plus Dane, you feel less like an apprentice and more like a member of a team; everyone relies on you as much as you rely on them.

As an apprentice, I am also given the opportunity to represent Plus Dane at events such as school career days which gives me an opportunity to speak highly of my team and the organisation. Whilst working for Plus Dane, I have also been exposed to possible careers that I did not know existed and so widens my horizon; making me consider many other career options.