Connecting with communities – a fresh approach to tenant and customer engagement


Plus Dane Housing is taking a fresh approach to listening and engaging with communities through its exciting new tenant and customer engagement strategy.

As part of national #HousingDay, which this year focuses on ‘Connecting with Communities’, the housing association wants to highlight the work it’s doing to provide more dynamic opportunities for tenants and customers to help shape, influence and improve its services.

The housing association believes that listening to tenants and customers, understanding their needs and working together will improve services, customer satisfaction and bring real and long-lasting change to neighbourhoods.

Plus Dane’s Head of Engagement and Partnerships, Emma Sneyd, said:

“I think there is a real recognition in the housing sector that tenants and stakeholders need to influence your business plan to drive performance, improve services and develop neighbourhoods. It’s certainly something that we at Plus Dane are firmly committed to and have been doing lots of work on.

“We have launched our own tenant and customer engagement strategy, which takes a different approach to engaging tenants and customers by providing more dynamic opportunities for them to help shape, influence and improve services. It is aligned completely to the objectives in our business plan.

“Our involvement plans include initiatives such as Plus Dane Voices, which is a database of our tenants and customers who have agreed to talk to us about the service they receive, a new scrutiny panel and reality checking our services to ensure that tenants and our wider customers can help us deliver more efficient services.

“We want to ensure that our tenants and customers are involved in challenging what we do and improving performance. We believe their involvement really will make a difference and lead to better services and improved satisfaction.”

To find out more about how Plus Dane gives its tenants a voice and ways to get involved, visit the website . Alternatively, contact Sarah Mythen on 0151 330 3505 or email