Coronavirus - our services

Here is an update on how we are operating our services during covid-19.

Following the announcement of a second lockdown, we have reviewed how we intend to deliver our services over the next 4 weeks in order to keep our colleagues and customers safe.

We have learnt some lessons from the first time around so in the main, there will be very little change to our services, but there are a few exceptions outlined below:

Repairs service

  • We will continue to deliver short duration routine, urgent and emergency repairs.
  • Jobs that will take us more than a day to complete will be deferred until after lockdown, otherwise we run the risk of not being able to complete work if you or our colleague working in your home develops symptoms while the work is being carried out.
  • Our out of hours service will operate as normal.
  • Similar to the first time around, once the lockdown restrictions ease, we will work our way through those repairs jobs that we have deferred as promptly as possible.

Compliance work

  • Gas servicing and electrical testing will continue as this is a legal requirement of landlords to complete this work.

Environmental services

  • Our environmental team will continue providing the service it provides at the time of year including:
    • Clearing leaves
    • Hedge cutting, pruning, lawn edging
    • Personal gardens will move to a monthly cycle

Supported housing

  • Unfortunately, we will have to stop all non-urgent visitors to our supported accommodation. This includes colleagues from Plus Dane and visitors to residents, unless they are providing vital care.
  • We will be in regular contact with our supported residents to make sure they have all of the support they need during lockdown.

At any point if we need to come into your home to deliver a service, we have carried out the necessary risk assessments and have provided our colleagues with the correct guidance and equipment for them to be able to carry out the job as safely as possible.

At the point of booking your appointment, we will ask you if you or anyone in your household has coronavirus or is self-isolating. We will also call ahead before we arrive at your home to check the information you have provided remains the same. If you or anyone in your household has had a positive test or is self-isolating, please do let us know so that we can protect each other as much as possible.

We have asked all colleagues to wear a face covering when in your home as a further protective measure. We would kindly ask that if you are able to, you also wear a face covering at the point of us entering and exiting your home, where it is more likely that we will be in the same room.

We will be reviewing our approach to service delivery on a weekly basis based on appropriate data and customer insight and if we do need to make any changes, we will keep you informed.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the pandemic.

If you're struggling please do get in touch on 0800 169 2988.