Corporate Services Apprentice Dan Jones talks possibilities and opportunities

Dan Jones started Plus Dane just under 2 years ago as a Corporate Services Apprentice.

This unique apprenticeship that allowed him to spend time in a number of teams including Finance, Communications, Project Management and Business Effectiveness. On choosing to apply for this apprenticeship Dan said:

“I believed it would be the quickest and most fitting way for me to learn what I wanted to do because I had the choice which team and role I felt I wanted a career in.”

Spending time in a number of teams and getting involved with their day to day responsibilities allowed Dan to really test out and explore the range of opportunities housing presents. Dan said:

“I have learned so much about working life and also myself as a person during my apprenticeship. Having first-hand experience of a number of different disciplines and teams has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. The main thing I have learned is if you keep your head down and work hard you will always get the praise and rewards you deserve.”

Dan’s advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship would be to definitely give it a go. With a monthly salary, learning on the job and the position it puts you in for the future, he would recommend it to anyone. Dan said:

“There are so many opportunities that you come across. The best for me so far has been my Graphic Design diploma. After taking a shine to graphic design whilst in the Communications team, I was entered onto an online course to improve my skills and future prospects.”