Dan's #NAW2017 Story

I finished school with all my qualifications and decided to attend Liverpool Football Foundation College. After being in college for over a year I then realised that this career was not for me.

I went on to do some work experience in the Port of Liverpool building where I worked for an investment bank called Rathbones Investment Management. This is when I realised that working in an office based environment was for me so I decided to aim for a career in a similar setting.

Applying for an apprenticeship appealed to me because I thought that gaining first-hand experience whilst learning would benefit me more than going to university. I was also attracted to the idea of the responsibility of having my own money as I knew this would mature me.

During summer break I made the decision to do some research into local apprenticeships and came across a great opportunity at Plus Dane Housing. After a couple of emails I was invited for an interview and later offered the role of Corporate Services Apprentice. This meant that I would have the chance to work in 3 different departments within the business – finance, communications and business assurance. I was thrilled at the opportunity.

I’ve now completed my first 6 months in Finance and I really enjoyed working with the team and gained lots of experience. I also found it interesting how a small team can work together so efficiently to produce a high standard work and hit all deadlines. This was an eye opener and gave me a great insight into how it all works.

It’s now time for me to move to my next team which is Communications and hopefully I learn a lot from the team and they provide me with another great experience like the Finance team did.