Early New Year pay days could affect workers on Universal Credit


Tenants and customers who are in work and also receive Universal Credit are being warned of the impact that being paid early this Christmas could have on your money.

Some companies bring their December payday forward so that their employees are paid in advance of Christmas.

For some, this can result in two pay cheques being received in the same Monthly Assessment Period, and this could reduce – or even completely cancel - your entitlement to Universal Credit.

If this happens to you, you must make a rapid reclaim straight away or risk having to apply for Universal Credit all over again.

Any of our tenants and residents worried that they may be affected by this issue can contact our team who will be able to help. Email customer@plusdane.co.uk, or telephone on 0800 169 2988.

Andrea Howarth, executive director (neighbourhoods), said: “We know Christmas can cause money worries for a lot of people at the best of times. When our income team flagged up the potential difficulties that could occur for anyone on Universal Credit receiving two pay packets this December, we wanted to be able to offer support to our tenants who may be left struggling to make ends meet over the festive season through no fault of their own.”

Tenants of other housing associations should make contact with their own housing association and request support.