GiveGetGo helps Lisa back into work!

Lisa joined our fifth cohort of GiveGetGo, based in Everton in June 2017.

A Plus Dane tenant and single mum to two children, Lisa worked in retail until a family tragedy left her struggling to cope. She developed a profound social anxiety, had not travelled on public transport for more than ten years, and found meeting new people highly stressful. With the exception of the school run and medical appointments, she rarely left the house.

When Lisa joined GiveGetGo, she was struggling with anxiety but was adamant she wanted to make big changes in her life and get back into the workplace. Retail was no longer viable, as she was unable to work evenings and weekends because of her son. 

GiveGetGo is a unique programme that specialises in helping unemployed people build their confidence in the workplace, using volunteering opportunities to connect people and employers in a different kind of way.

The first thing we worked on was getting her to start using public transport again. We started with a short journey, just two stops. She said it was hard and she felt panicky but she was so delighted with herself that it spurred her on to try again, and again. Three weeks into the programme, she was hopping on and off buses with no difficulty. Because of the project’s partnership with Merseytravel, we were able to provide Lisa with a weekly bus pass.

Through GiveGetGo, she now has an enhanced DBS certificate which can be used with other employers as she has registered with the update service. She is volunteering at the Youth Zone through another delivery partner, Everton in the Community.

Lisa loves children and is a natural caregiver. We did lots of coaching around the kinds of roles she might consider and came to the conclusion that working in a school would suit her really well. Not only would she be working with young people, the hours and holidays would mean she could fit it in around family life.

Our Positive Workology training places a lot of emphasis on the power of the hidden jobs market, especially in terms of accessing employment through our personal networks of friends and family. Lisa has no shortage of either friends or family, and she soon got to work making sure everyone in her circle knew that she was on the look-out for work.

Word soon reached her that a role was vacant in her son’s school for a lunchtime supervisor. Lisa approached the school to express her interest and secured an interview for the next day. Despite tough competition (one of the other applicants spoke four languages!) Lisa was successful. Determined to make up the hours to more than 16 a week, Lisa also put an application into another local school, who she had heard through a friend were looking for a cleaner. She secured an interview, and got the job. Two job offers in a week!