Government Announces Decision to Turn Down Welsh Streets Regeneration Proposal


Today the Government announced its decision to turn down the proposed regeneration of the Welsh Streets

Claire Griffiths, Executive Director of Property at Plus Dane, said:

“Plus Dane has been working closely with the local community in the Welsh Streets for the last 10 years to develop the strongest possible plans to support the area’s regeneration, and so today’s decision is a huge disappointment.”

“Local residents have overwhelmingly backed new homes from the outset, with over 70% supporting the plans during the consultation phase. Strong independent evidence through the Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment also concluded that based upon the poor conditions of homes in the Welsh Streets, the size of the properties and the lack of outside space, that the development of new, affordable homes is the most effective method to regenerate this neighbourhood.

“This decision has not only jeopardised a £15m investment in the Welsh Streets neighbourhood but has created more uncertainty for local residents who have told us time and time again that they desperately want new homes.”

We will continue to work with Liverpool City Council to consider the options, however the priority for Plus Dane will be to support our residents living within and adjacent to the Welsh Streets, and ensure that we continue to provide a high quality service for those whose chance of a new home now looks a lot less certain.”