Home Improvements: Corinne's #ProudTenant Story

For many people, having work done on our homes – for example a new kitchen or bathroom – is an exciting time. But for others, it can be a very daunting experience.

Plus Dane has a regular programme of home improvements that it delivers to its tenants – which includes renewing kitchens and bathrooms.

When one of our tenants, Corrine, was contacted to discuss her new, modern kitchen, she immediately raised some concerns.

Corrine is registered blind, and explained to her support worker that both the disruption involved while the work was being done, and the stress of getting to know her way around a new kitchen, were worrying her.

Plus Dane’s Tenant Liaison Officers Ann and Carol, along with her Housing Officer, Katie, visited Corrine in her home. They were able to sit down with her and listen to her concerns, and find ways of supporting her through the experience.

They explained exactly what would be happening to put her mind at rest, and what support she would receive during the refurbishment work. They were also able to help in practical ways, such as emptying out the kitchen cupboards and washing her curtains.

Corrine received daily visits throughout the course of the work, and the installation period was halved from ten days to five days to reduce the disruption. Plus Dane also ensured that the design of the new kitchen layout was the same as her old one, to help her feel immediately familiar with it.

Corrine got her lovely new kitchen and it was delivered in a way that made sure she felt comfortable, supported and at ease. She said: “I was very concerned about the work that was going to be carried out, but I couldn’t have asked for more support – they really understood my fears, and helped me all the way through. Now I’m delighted with my new kitchen!”