Housing stock survey to help plan for future investment


To help plan for future investment in its properties, Plus Dane has commissioned Pennington Choices to undertake a survey of its current housing stock.

Surveys of a sample selection of 1,000 properties in Cheshire will take place between February and March. A further 3,000 surveys will be carried out across Merseyside and Cheshire from April onwards and will enable Plus Dane to plan what type of long-term future investment is needed for its housing supply. 

Alec Gaston, Director of Asset Management, said:

“We are investing millions on improving and maintaining our homes for the benefit of our tenants and customers. However, before we make any decisions about work to be done, we need to have a good understanding of the current state of all our properties. It is important that we are clear about what investment is needed to allow us to intelligently plan future work programmes, ensuring investment is made to the right homes and at the right time.

“To do this, we will be completing 4,000 individual stock condition surveys and have asked Pennington Choices to carry out this survey work for us.  Letters will be sent to those properties that have been chosen as part of the sample selection and I’d encourage our tenants to give access to the surveyors to help us carry out this important work.”

The survey will include a brief inspection (including photographs), looking at the external features, internal fixtures and systems to establish their condition and future maintenance needs.  Each surveyor will carry a Pennington Choices identification card.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Pennington Choices directly on Freephone 0800 883 0334.