#HousingDay - Kate's story

Kate from Ellesmere Port tells us why she is proud to live in social housing.

I've lived in my home for 18 years and feel there are so many benefits to living in social housing. 

I always feel secure and looked after; help is always a phone call away. I also have a lifeline service and I get a monthly text reminder to test my system which is really good.

In my scheme there are activities to get involved in, and I’ve joined a reading group which has given me confidence. I was quite nervous about reading aloud at first but now I really enjoy it. It gives me a chance to make new friends and meet new people.    

Together with the other members of the group I’ve received training on how to use a Kindle to access reading material for the group sessions. I never thought it’s something I would be able to do. I’ve also signed up for computer courses and used a laptop for the first time. I’ve now gained two certificates and it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. I now have incentive to keep making progress and learn new skills. Who knows where things may take me next!

I’m also so happy with the recent upgrade I’ve received to my kitchen and bathroom. I am so happy with the result! My home looks beautiful.