How John's move to an extra care scheme improved his quality of life

John moved from his own home into Derby Court extra care scheme in Halewood, Merseyside, earlier this year.

Living in poor health and suffering from extreme anti-social behaviour problems in and around his property, he was referred to supported housing by local authorities keen to make sure he was settled in a secure environment.

With a little help from the extra care team he can retain his independence while knowing assistance is there when he needs it. Staff help him with his morning routine and medicines, and can easily be alerted to his two-bedroom flat in case of an accident.

The social side of supported living has also been of huge benefit to John, who has become involved with the residents committee and taken part in local history and photography activities.

He says: “It was a very hard decision to sell the family home, I had lived there for thirty years. But I feel safer, and a lot more relaxed and more content here. People are very friendly and there’s a community spirit.”