How our Customer Scrutiny Panel makes a difference


Our Customer Scrutiny Panel has completed its second review, making recommendations to help improve how we communicate with you about repairs.

As a result, now:

  • We have more staff to log, order and carry out repairs, and the team has been reorganised to work better together, reducing the time taken to resolve your enquiries.
  • Because of this, fewer customers are having to chase up the status of their repairs.
  • The process for staff putting repairs through our system has been made simpler - and the average call handling time has reduced by 20%.


7,923 new repairs were logged using the new process between June and August last year, and Contact Centre performance has significantly improved.

  • The cards, letters and texts that we leave and send when we are not able to get in to your home to complete repair work have been reviewed to make sure they provide the information you need.
  • Old Plus Dane logos have been removed from vehicles, uniforms and letter templates to ensure you know who is carrying out repair work.


Still to come:

  • There will be a full repairs policy review, to include a simple guide on your responsibilities as a customer and us as your landlord.
  • A set of contact standards and repairs standards, to make it clear what you can expect from us and when.
  • Developing ways you can track your repair jobs.


For more about the customer scrutiny panel or to review their full report, visit the dedicated section of the website