Inspiring Enterprise Project Supports Customers to Explore Business Ideas

The Inspiring Enterprise project aims to support entrepreneurs who want to develop and market their business idea.

A series of workshops for young people were held to help explain the process of designing, pricing and marketing a product, which could then be offered for sale by a design and retail social enterprise, Made Here. Made Here sells via its website, and also by its retail outlet in Liverpool’s Met Quarter shopping centre.

Kevin was referred to the project by Cheshire Young Carers. He had an idea for building bird boxes, but was struggling to make his dream a reality as he also had his own college work, and was a full-time carer for his relatives.

Thanks to his time on the workshop, he now has a thorough understanding of what he needs to do – and has even been inspired to extend his product range to include cages and carrying boxes. Kevin gained really valuable advice on how to develop and sell his products, including options such as the internet, smaller shops, and face to face. He was also inspired by meeting other people who shared his aspirations, and learning more about what he needs to do make a success of his business.

He said: “I knew what I wanted to do – but not really how to go about it. The project has given me great advice on how to make this work in the real world, and also allowed me to meet some like-minded people.”

Another participant was Dean, who had been referred into the project by his granddad, Maurice. Dean is autistic, had previously been expelled from his mainstream school and his confidence was extremely low.

He was very nervous and quiet in the first week and his granddad had to encourage him to the first session. By the second session, he still had to be talked into attending, but by week three and four he couldn’t wait to come along. Dean’s confidence increased and over the weeks he became a lot more talkative, gained confidence in expressing his ideas and was the brains behind one of the products. He said the best bit about the project was making friends!