Joseph Groome Towers Reading Group Go Digital with Kindle Fire HD's

The shared reading group at Joseph Groome Towers have gone digital.

Joseph Groome Towers Reading Group have been meeting each week for over 2 years and are now entirely self-sufficient.  To support the group, we presented each member with a brand new Kindle Fire HD, which were purchased through the Cash 4 Neighbourhoods fund that our Involvement Officer Verna has been working hard to secure. 

At the launch last week, Digital Inclusion Officer, Kelly Arnold, and Digital Communications Officer, Beckie Kinsella, were on hand to guide the group through setting up the Kindles and support them in downloading their first books.  On the back of this, the group have all joined (or re-joined) Cheshire Libraries now that they are aware that they can download books for free using the One Click Digital service.


The session ended on a high, as Kelly proudly presented two members of the group, Pam and Stella, with certificates for completing Learn My Way online modules. These were achieved whilst attending Coffee & iTea every Wednesday at Westminster Community Centre in Ellesmere Port. Following their success, a number of other members expressed their interest in attending the sessions moving forward.

On receiving her certificate, Pam emphasised how important the element of fun in e-learning is: “I really couldn’t have done this without Kelly, she makes it fun.”

The moral of this story? These ladies have certainly proved it’s never too late to start something new.