Money Advice: Terry's #ProudTenant story

We’ve all faced situations where life feels like it’s spiraling out of control and Terry, a Plus Dane tenant, came to us when he realised his financial problems were becoming too much for him to handle.

Terry was not only facing large credit card debts, but also dealing with the aftermath of several very traumatic and challenging experiences. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer five years earlier, eventually receiving the all-clear. His wife had sadly passed away three years ago, and not long after, he injured his leg at work.

The area he had damaged later became cancerous, and while undergoing treatment, tumours were also found in his kidney. Terry is currently being treated for those tumours, but is unable to work.

On top of the bereavement and ill health, Terry started to struggle with large credit card debts. He had been coping with the payments while he was working, but once he left employment, the debts got out of hand and the stress of that was adding to his anxiety about his health.

Luckily, Terry contacted Gemma and Victor in Plus Dane’s friendly Money Advice Team. They were able to listen to his story, gather together all the details about the situation he was facing, and put together a plan of action that would help him reduce at least one of the causes of anxiety in his life.

Although every case is different, and the Money Advice Team is able to provide bespoke support for their clients, in Terry’s case Gemma and Victor decided that the best course of action for him would be to file for bankruptcy.

They assisted Terry with the process after talking him through his options and the impact on his life, and his bankruptcy was granted in June.

Since then, Terry has been able to move forward in life debt-free – and concentrate completely on getting better. He says: “I felt very trapped and overwhelmed by the debts, and it was a huge relief to be able to talk to somebody about it all. The team’s support and advice has allowed me to focus on what really matters.”