New apprentices Heidi & James' story

Heidi Wood, age 18

Heidi left school last year and begun working but quickly realised that she wanted more than a job with no prospects. She came to the decision that she wanted to gain experience whilst being formally trained and gaining a qualification so began considering an apprenticeship. She has done some office based work before so knew that this was the direction she wanted to follow.

Heidi has joined Plus Dane as a PA to the Chief Executive.

Talking about her appointment she said:

“I am ambitious and am therefore excited by the prospect of becoming a qualified PA. The next two years are a perfect opportunity for me to learn as much as possible and develop new skills in a very supportive environment.

“I am keen to progress up the career ladder and in the future own my own home and be totally independent.”

James Nolan, age 18

James has just completed his A levels but having seriously considered University decided that a better route for him was to secure an apprenticeship so that he could learn whilst working. He was concerned that he could invest three years in University, come out with no work experience and then struggle to get a job. Through his A level in ICT he has learned a lot over the last two years to provide him with a good grounding for the IT apprenticeship he will be undertaking at Plus Dane.

Talking about his appointment James said:

“I have got a real passion for IT having studied it for the last two years. The work I will be undertaking at Plus Dane is exactly the kind of work I am interested in and I got a really good vibe when I came for the interview.

“I am already thinking ahead as to what opportunities there will be for me to progress as I want to make my family proud.”