Pension credit changes and how they could affect you


We are offering help and advice to customers who may be affected by forthcoming changes to pension credit, which could see some households worse off.

From May 15, new pensioners whose partners are younger than the state retirement age can no longer claim pension credit, and will instead need to claim Universal Credit alongside their younger partners until they also reach retirement age.

This could make a significant difference to the household incomes of those affected, as it has been estimated this could leave some couples as much as £7000 a year worse off.

The upcoming changes will only affect people reaching pensionable age after May 15, who are making a new claim for pension credit. The state pension age is currently under review, but there is no longer a default retirement age – it is now calculated on an individual basis according to gender and birth date. Visit for more information about pension credit and how to claim.

Executive director (neighbourhoods), Andrea Howarth, said: “We know that these coming changes to pension credit might see couples who live together, where one partner is of retirement age and the other is not, suffering a large drop in income without the pension credit top-ups they have been entitled to up to now.

“We don’t doubt this will be highly stressful for those affected. We are able to offer help and assistance from the expert advisors in Plus Dane’s income team, who will be able to work with any of our customers who are concerned about the changes.”

Plus Dane customers concerned about the change for mixed-age couples can contact the financial independence team via email at  or by telephone on 0800169 2988.

Anyone concerned about any aspect of the benefits system, including Universal Credit and pension credit can contact Citizens Advice at