Annual Report 18/19

We’re pleased to present our Annual Report for 2018-19.

The report is full of statistics and performance information that showcase how we have achieved for our customers over the past financial year and you can read it here.

The feedback we received about the design of last year’s Annual Report design was overwhelmingly positive and so we have retained a similar style this year, with a reliance on icons and infographical data. However, analysis of how customers read last year’s report, along with analysis of how customers use our website, indicated that a majority do so on mobile phones. We have therefore adjusted our design to make it suitable for consumption on a mobile phone. The report can still be viewed on a desktop computer or tablet, and will work absolutely fine on those devices, but if you open it on a mobile phone you will notice that it is much easier to view and scroll through the information than in previous years.

We consulted with our Plus Dane Voices and received feedback from 54 customers. We have made some changes based on their recommendations.

We hope you find our Annual Report useful and easy to read.