Plus Dane welcomes its ‘Class of 2017’ apprentices


Plus Dane has taken on 11 new apprentices this summer, to add to the 18 that joined the organisation last year.

We received nearly 800 applications from across Cheshire and Merseyside for the advertised vacancies, and have appointed eleven people in a mixture of trades and office-based roles, with ages ranging from 17 to 48. Whilst apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to higher education for school leavers, we recognise the importance they can also hold for a more diverse age range of candidates.

The apprenticeship scheme is part of Plus Dane’s policy to nurture talent with quality training and development to help entry-level staff become the stars of the future, whilst helping the country’s growth agenda.

At Plus Dane, we have always believed that apprenticeships offer life-changing opportunities, but following our outstanding 2016 intake, we had a renewed vigour for the difference apprentices can make to an organisation, as well as it being a great opportunity for people to earn as they learn.

Sealing our commitment to the apprenticeship programme, Plus Dane joined The 5% Club in 2016, an industry-led campaign in which members strive to achieve 5% of their workforce consisting of apprentices, sponsored students and/or graduates on formalised training schemes within five years. The organisation is on target to exceed this by the end of the year, when following the recruitment of its 2017 graduate scheme it is expected 6.5% of its staff will be made up of apprentices and graduate trainees.

Barbara Spicer CBE, Chief Executive of Plus Dane said:

“I have always been firmly committed to having trainees and apprentices as part of the workforce and am delighted at how quickly Plus Dane has managed to incorporate this talent into the heart of our business and meet our target commitment to The 5% Club.

“Our policy of offering quality training and development to our new starters is both good for those that choose the apprentice route and good for the organisation too - over 89% of employers who have apprentices believe it increases productivity.”

Plus Dane offers its apprentices a higher-than-average apprenticeship salary, with wages starting from £12,472. Apprentices will achieve a qualification in partnership with the organisation’s training providers, gain relevant on-the-job experience, be mentored by experienced managers, and develop a career progression plan.

Lady Cobham, Director General of The 5% Club, said:

“Congratulations to Plus Dane on achieving their 5% target just over a year after committing to The 5% Club. It is even more encouraging to see them on track to exceed this target with further recruitment later this summer.

“It is clear that Plus Dane understands the importance of investing in future talent, and the many benefits their apprentices and graduate trainees bring to the organisation.”