Plus Dane welcomes the scrapping of the LHA cap


Plus Dane Chief Executive Barbara Spicer gives her view on this week's scrapping of the Local Housing Allowance cap, which would have had potentially dire consequences for people living in supported housing:

The Government’s decision to scrap plans to impose the Local Housing Allowance cap for people living in social housing is great news, and a decision we wholeheartedly welcome.

Having spoken out about the issue in support of our tenants, we appreciate the Government listening to our views and acting upon them.

In 2015 when the Government first announced its Local Housing Allowance policy, Plus Dane - and the sector more widely - had real concerns for a proposal that threatened to create a potentially catastrophic funding black hole, particularly for those living in supported accommodation.

In Liverpool City Region, all the housing associations worked together to make the case in favour of not implementing the cap for our tenants.

The change would have meant that the benefits received by people living in supported housing would no longer cover their monthly rent and service charges, effectively putting them at grave risk of amassing debts they had no way of paying off.

And what we started to see was housing associations across the country halting their plans to develop more supported housing developments. This Government re-think potentially opens the door for plans to be re-established.

For our tenants, this news is huge and a great relief no doubt. Some of them have also spoken out to highlight that supported housing accommodation is a lifeline. You can read the stories of David, Edith, Christopher and Annie and Richard here.

We await further details of the Government’s revised policy expected next week, but in the meantime remain proud of the services we are able to provide - and we are ready to voice our concerns where we feel policy implementation would leave a negative image on those who need it most.



Picture: Heath View, one of Plus Dane's extra care schemes