Plus Dane/SHAP team helps Father Christmas on his rounds in Halton!


The floating support service of the Plus Dane/ SHAP partnership have been busy helping with some special deliveries just before Christmas.

They have been pointing Father Christmas in the right direction to pay special personal visits to the homes of disadvantaged children in the area who may not be able to get out to festive events.

Working with Radio City Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas, the Plus Dane/ SHAP team collected an allocation of presents donated to the appeal. Santa visited 40 homes across Runcorn and Widnes in one day.

Plus Dane/ SHAP floating support manager John Foster said: “This project is something we do every year for our clients in Halton, and it’s something the team find very rewarding.

“Disadvantaged children get to see Father Christmas and receive a present, and in addition it helps to take some of the financial strain off families who may have otherwise gone into debt borrowing from loan sharks or taking out payday loans to cover the cost of Christmas.

“Our thanks go to our volunteer Ben Cooke, who takes the day off work every year to assist Father Christmas on his rounds.”