Rebecca's story

Rebecca was looking out for the perfect apprenticeship, and used to say she never wanted to work in an office – but her experience with Plus Dane has been completely different to anything she expected...

My apprenticeship is a job share, working half of the week with Plus Dane and the other half with the East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise as well as attending Macclesfield College which I have now completed. There is a lot of variety to every week and it has ended up being a real break for me.

Whilst at school I was interested in event management and I’ve had the chance to work on all kinds of events allowing me to be out and about, not just stuck behind a desk. At Plus Dane I’m often out engaging with tenants, helping to signpost services for people needing support, and organising social activities in the community. At the Chamber I’m involved more on the business and general administration side of things. My shared role allows me to meet a variety of people and be involved in so many different opportunities.

My apprenticeship is a really enjoyable challenge and I am grateful that I have been trusted to run a number of projects that I am really proud to be involved with. For example, I had been supporting a colleague who ran a friendship group for older people at risk of becoming isolated. When he left the company, he handed full responsibility over to me.

I have planned different events such as a Christmas party for the Bromley Friendship Group working alongside the members and I work hard at trying to encourage more people to come along and socialise. I really loved meeting with the members of the group and I think they will always be my friends now.

I am currently working on a programme called Dig It, Grow It, Eat It, this is a scheme to promote healthy eating to families and to educate children. Feedback I received from previous participants was great and it brought neighbours and other community members together, it would be great to see the programme develop even more.

I have seen how Plus Dane really invest in their apprentices and take a responsibility for them – we have so much support and there is an annual awards event every year.

In 2013 I won a PIER Award – named for Plus Dane’s values of passion, innovation, excellence and respect. I was named the most passionate apprentice for my work with the friendship group and involvement in the community. In March 2014 I was named Plus Dane’s Apprentice of the Year, which truly was a lovely surprise and I still can’t believe it!

My apprenticeship is nearly at an end but I am hopeful that some good opportunities will come out of it. I am looking to carry on learning – I’ve got that bug now. I know I would love to stay in events and keep working within the community.