Responsibility Checklist

It is important to us that your home is kept in good condition to make sure that they are well maintained, warm and safe.

We know that a good repairs service matters to our tenants and we want to make sure that the service we provide offers value for money and, most importantly, meets your needs.

Our new Repairs and Maintenance Policy sets out what you can expect from this service, what we’re responsible for as your landlord, and also what you are responsible for.

From 1 April, repairs will be categorised as either an emergency or planned.

If we consider a repair to be an emergency, we will respond within 2 hours and, where possible, aim to make it safe within 24 hours of it being reported. A repair would be classed as an emergency if waiting will: put people in danger; make your home unsafe or insecure; damage the home; make the existing damage worse; or create unreasonable risk, suffering or difficulty.

When a repair doesn’t pose an immediate danger or causes limited inconvenience, we will carry out a repair by appointment at a time that is convenient to you within 28 calendar days. However, there will be some cases where the work identified is part of a long-term programme of planned works or there is an agreement made with you, which may be outside of this timeframe.

Checklist of landlord/tenant responsibilities

The responsibility for looking after your home is a joint one.

Before logging any repair, please check that it is our responsibility, not yours, with our handy checklist.