Responsibility, confidence and independence: Heidi's #NAW2018 story

Heidi, Apprentice PA at Plus Dane, tells us what her apprenticeship means to her.

Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I’d never been interested in going to university despite school pushing really hard on the idea that everyone must get a degree in something. In my opinion you learn so much more in an apprenticeship as you have the space to learn and make mistakes, as well as getting paid.

What have you learned during your Apprenticeship?

During my apprenticeship I’ve learnt a lot about the key responsibilities within my own role; i.e. organisation skills, time management, minute taking. But I have also had the opportunity to branch out into other areas and learn more about them.

What would your advice be to anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

Don’t second guess it, it’s the perfect way to start your career and get your foot in the door where you are in an environment surrounded by nothing but support.

How has your Apprenticeship benefited you? Both inside and outside of work.

Inside of work my apprenticeship has helped me gain confidence in talking to new people as you’re always having to talk to different departments. Outside of work it has helped me be more independent as I earn my own money and have to work out my own finances.

What support have you had from Plus Dane, your team and your manager throughout your Apprenticeship?

Plus Dane as a whole are very supportive of apprenticeships, and provide very good apprenticeships as they pay well above apprentice wage and have allowed me to complete one qualification, and I am now onto my second one. My team have helped me a lot when it comes to my day to day job as they are the ones constantly around me to help with any questions I might have, guide me in the right direction or give me new opportunities.

What has been your greatest achievement during your Apprenticeship?

Passing my Level 2 Business Admin qualification.

Do you think your Apprenticeship has put you in a good position for the future?

Most definitely.