About Scrutiny

We encourage customers to directly review what we do, tell us what is working well and what needs improving.

Our scrutiny role has been created as part of Plus Dane’s new Tenant and Customer Engagement Strategy.  This gives tenants and customers an opportunity to work with us to help drive service improvements Plus Dane.

Our Scrutiny Panel is made up of tenants and customers who are from Merseyside and Cheshire, where we own and manage homes.  The panel members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are passionate about working with us to improve the services we deliver and to the overall benefit of all. 

The key role of each Scrutiny Panel is to:

  • Work in partnership with the staff at Plus Dane to help drive improvement, efficiency, effectiveness and value for money
  • Understand and challenge our performance and what we do
  • Listen to the views of staff and wider customers on what works well and what may need improving
  • Work as part of a team to complete and deliver agreed scrutiny reviews and tasks within timescales
  • Develop workable solutions to help improve services
  • Review how tenant and customer involvement has made a difference

The key role of each individual panel member is to:

  • Listen to a variety of views and information
  • Question the information you receive and form a balanced opinion on the information provided
  • Recognise good points as well as bad, for example within your review you will need to identify the strengths and areas of improvement for that particular service area
  • Challenge constructively by listening, asking questions and if you don’t agree with someone's point of view, be able to give reasons why
  • Work independently and as part of a team
  • Appreciate and respect differences in knowledge, background and ability.

Plus Dane’s role to support each Scrutiny Panel is to: 

Make the experience enjoyable for each volunteer by providing help and support which will include:

  • Staff to be open and accessible throughout each scrutiny review to ensure you have the relevant information to carry out your review
  • Provision of any resources required such as laptops, ipads and training
  • Reimburse travel/carers expenses and provide refreshments
  • Training for the role which can include accredited

Join us

We are looking for more tenants and customers to join our Scrutiny Panel. All you need is a passion for working with us to improve the services you receive. Please click here to see a short film introducing the panel and their work.

If you are interested you can contact Irene Crone on 0151 703 2026 or email on irene.crone@plusdane.co.uk for more information.