Plus Dane Scrutiny Panel

The Plus Dane Scrutiny Panel was set up in 2016.

We are an independent group of tenant volunteers who check how well our landlord performs.

We work in partnership with Plus Dane Housing to look at and challenge the service delivered, monitor performance, and make recommendations on how services can be improved to ensure all tenants and customers receive value for money.

Since we have been established, we have undertaken training to help prepare us for this role which has included:

  • Extending our knowledge about what social landlords do, how they are organised and managed and the common operational problems
  • How austerity has impacted tenants, customers and Plus Dane
  • Details of Plus Danes Corporate Plan, information on governance and leadership and the challenges now and in the future
  • Information on the Homes and Community Agency and the regulatory economic and consumer standards
  • Details on value for money and what scrutiny can achieve
  • How Plus Dane measure performance

In January 2017 we will  be carrying out our first scrutiny review to look at  what impact the current sign up process has on the number of failed tenancies in the first year at Plus Dane

How do we decide on a scrutiny review?

The Scrutiny Panel will agree the number of reviews to take place each year and what to review based on:

  • A range of options put forward by Plus Dane staff/Board
  • Wider customer intelligence
  • An area of interest to the Scrutiny Panel
  • A repetitive area of complaint
  • Concerns about areas of performance 

Join Us

If you are a tenant or customer of Plus Dane Housing Merseyside/Cheshire and are interested in hearing more about the role, please email for more information. Alternatively you can complete the online form here to register your interest and we will get back to you.