Supporting Customers & Sustained Tenancies - Nigel's Story

Having a place to call your own is something we all dream of – and finding the right place is just the start.

We realise that some of our tenants need a helping hand with issues such as paying their bills, getting furniture, and sorting out their benefits.

When Nigel Livesey was offered his own home, he was delighted – but had no idea what to do next. He turned to Carmel McCarthy, our Tenancy Sustainment Officer, for help.

Carmel was able to support him through every stage of the process – helping him claim the right benefits, find furniture, and read and understand the paperwork involved. She was also on hand to help him set up ways to pay his bills.

Nigel is now off to a great start in his new home. He said:  “It was important to have Carmel making phone calls and chasing around on my behalf – and it is good knowing she is available at the end of the phone.”