The importance of electrical checks


Hundreds of fatal fires are started by faulty electrics. Allowing professional electricians to do regular checks is the best way to be sure that things are safe, and to spot potential problems before it is too late.

These checks are important in helping to prevent incidents like fires and electric shocks, that can be dangerous for your family and your home. 

For our customers, they are part of your tenancy agreement and something we are legally responsible for. If we can’t get in to do them, we may end up having to go through the courts to gain access - although this is always a last resort.

When it’s time for your home to be checked, we will send you a letter with a date and time (morning or afternoon) for you to be at home to let us in. If you can’t make the date, let us know so we can come another time.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about the electrics in your home, get in touch with us.



  • Never try and do electrical jobs yourself. DIY wiring can lead to electrical parts overheating which can cause fires or electric shocks

  • Plugging too many devices into one socket, and over-using extension leads can lead to overheating and fires.

  • Be aware that cheaper, ‘unofficial’ electrical products such as phone chargers may not meet safety regulations.