Week of Action: Anne Conway House Supported Housing Complex

Anne Conway House, in Wavertree, South Liverpool, is one of Plus Dane’s supported housing complexes, specifically working with homeless tenants.

Anne Conway House, in Wavertree, South Liverpool, is one of Plus Dane’s supported housing complexes, specifically working with homeless tenants.

The building is named for a local campaigner for racial equality issues who died in 1996, and until last year it specifically homed young black and minority ethnic men. But as our communities have become more cohesive, such specialist shelters have been phased out.

The service now delivers support to residents on behalf of Liverpool Accommodation Based Support Consortia (LABSC), which is made up of seven organisations (Local Solutions, Nacro, New Start, Nugent Care, NWPC, Plus Dane and led by YMCA Liverpool) committed to promoting choice and independence for the most excluded, marginalised and disenfranchised people in society.

The consortia works as a charitable, not-for-profit collective in partnership with Liverpool City Council.

Our support planning process is designed to be personalised, and we work with residents to better understand what is important to the person, to support them to make decisions about their care and treatment, and identify and achieve their goals.

Once referred to Anne Conway House via Liverpool City Council’s  Mainstay system, residents can stay for up to six months and are immediately set up with a plan to help them prepare to live independently. Some people with more complex needs, including serious illness, can stay for a maximum of 18 months. The scheme has 13 beds and is always full to capacity.

A staff team of five, supervised by Lauren Parker, provides a 24 hour support service and the staff commitment to supporting residents to allow them to move on to their own homes, some after long periods of living on the streets, has made it one of the most in-demand accommodations of its kind in the area.

“We encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and their home here, and residents feel safe,” says Lauren. “This makes a difference because some people have been let down by the system before, passed from pillar to post, or neglected. It’s really busy, but it is a happy environment and we get good outcomes.

“We are carers, support workers, cleaners, we do everything here, but we really enjoy coming to work. We are always learning. But we’re straight with people and that builds trust. When we say we are going to do something for somebody, we do it - and if we can’t, we find someone who can.”

Mary Newton, Head of Supported Housing at Plus Dane, says: “We are very are proud of the our staff who have been supporting the residents at Anne Conway House over the last twelve months, and feedback from residents and their families has been overwhelmingly positive with over 15 resident successfully moved onto independent accommodation in that time. But more importantly, they have been supported to achieve the life skills required to sustain that tenancy. No task or objective appears too much for Lauren and the team, and their commitment to maximising the residents’ achievements, however basic is truly inspirational.”