Business Opportunities

Current business opportunities to work with us.

We are embarking on an exciting supplier engagement programme utilising the Delta eSourcing portal, specifically the Select Supplier Information Database (SID). Suppliers and Contractors/Sub-Contractors are considered a critical resource, and we would encourage you to register on SID so as to be able to take advantage of future procurement opportunities.

SID is FREE to use and will be used to run and manage all our tender and sourcing activity. The tool will transform the buying behaviour within Plus Dane, elevating the supplier selection process, promoting opportunity, fairness and transparency, whilst reducing paperwork and the time and cost of the tender process.

How to Register

Registration is quick and easy. To complete your supplier profile, simply:

  • Register 

  • Log in and navigate from the Dashboard to Profile Manager

  • Complete your details and publish your profile

What is in this for Suppliers / Contractors?

When you register, you publish your profile, which provides Plus Dane with complete details of what types of business (goods or services) you can supply to us. By doing this, when we have a requirement of any nature, we already know which companies can supply, and registered suppliers attract more opportunities.

In addition, your basic company details will be available to Buyers from the other 292 public sector organisations that use Delta, which will increase your sales potential massively. 

Once you have completed your registration, we ask that you maintain your supplier profile as the more complete, targeted and current your registration information, the more visible your company will be to Plus Dane's Procurement team and stakeholders.

What happens if I do not register?

If you do not register, your organisation risks not hearing about any Plus Dane tender opportunities going forward.

If you require any further information related to this notification, please email us. If you require any technical assistance with the Delta eSourcing portal, please contact the helpdesk by email at or by telephone at 0845 270 7050.