"You should never be afraid to get involved!"

Tara Jussa is a Plus Dane tenant living and working in the heart of Liverpool’s L8 community.

She works for the Granby Toxteth Development Trust and lives in the Four Streets area with her teenage daughter.

Of her involvement with the scrutiny panel, she laughs: “I work in the community, and through that I know people who work for Plus Dane – and when they found out I was a tenant I was talked into it!

“My line of work is all about encouraging adults into informal education, setting themselves up in business, and getting online. So we deal a lot with volunteers – and feel I should lead by example with that.”

Tara is a Liverpool City Star, a volunteer cultural ambassador during public events, on hand to help visitors with any queries. But her interest in the housing sector came with her move to the Granby Four Streets, where Plus Dane is among the organisations renovating a number of Victorian terraced homes.

“I love our house and the area here – they just don’t build them like they used to, and it’s really nice to see them being brought back into use. I’m hoping they can do the same with the nearby Welsh Streets,” she says.

“I’m used to working with housing associations in my job, and my interest in being on the scrutiny panel is just about making sure that Plus Dane is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, in a fair manner for all, and making sure they are delivering services and things are equal across the board.

“And I’ll be learning and getting experience as well, it’s something that looks good on a CV. Volunteering is something people should really look at doing. It might open doors of opportunity that could lead to something really different. You should never be afraid to get involved!”