Making alterations to your home

Our Alterations Policy tells you everything you need to know about what you need to do before you make any changes.

If you wish to make any changes to your home you must follow our Alterations Policy, which you can download here. The policy tells you everything you need to know about what you need to do before you make any changes, and what changes you will be allowed to make to your home.

As part of the policy, you will need to complete and submit our alterations request form below. When you have submitted a request to make changes you will be assigned a case manager who will handle your request and act as your point of contact at Plus Dane.


  • You must be given permission before carrying out improvements or alterations.
  • Following this procedure will keep you safe and will stop you causing accidental damage to your home
  • Please complete and return this form along with any attachments 
  • We will assess your application but you will not be granted permission until all the necessary documents and information are provided as outlined on the following pages.
  • If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an approval letter.
  • If the work is significant, it will be inspected by a Plus Dane Housing surveyor when it has been finished, to make sure the works have been carried out to a satisfactory standard.
  • Any changes to the property’s electrical or gas supply must be certified and you must show this documentation to our surveyor.
  • If we see fit to reject your application we will write to you explaining the reasons for our decision.
  • We will normally reject an application if the proposals are dangerous, do not comply with regulations, or are likely to cause a nuisance to other customers.

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your application. Please note we aim to inform you of our decision in writing within 28 days of receiving your request.

Alterations Request Form

N.B. It is important that this page is filled out to the best of your ability to avoid delays in processing the application. Proposals will not be approved without the relevant surveys, plans and health & safety information being provided.

Neighbours’ Consent

  • You are required to seek permission from your neighbours if the work you are planning to carry out will affect them or the structural integrity of their property in any way.
  • We will let you know if you need consent from your neighbour.
  • If your neighbour refuses to agree, it is your responsibility to resolve the dispute before any works can be approved (e.g. Party Wall Agreement).


Please note: This applies to tenants only, leaseholders and shared owners need to follow a different process and apply to a different department. This is covered in a separate section on our website here.