Falling into Arrears

What to do if you're experiencing financial difficulties and unable to pay your rent on time.

If you fall into arrears the best thing that you can do is contact us as soon as possible on 0800 169 2988 to discuss options and support available. If your arrears continue to increase you can expect the following steps will be taken:

You will be served with a Notice of Seeking Possession (NOSP)

This is the first stage of legal action for the recovery of rent arrears and it details our intention to proceed to the County Court if the arrears are not brought under control within a 28 period from the date of the notice being served.

Bringing the arrears under control means either:

  • Clearing the account in full
  • Making an acceptable arrangement to cover your rent and reduce the arrears over a short period of time

If you fail to bring the arrears under control within the 28 day period then your case will be considered for legal action through the County Court. Please note: If the case goes before the Court then costs will be incurred and added to your outstanding debt. The current cost is £325.00

Court action

If we have to take Court action to recover unpaid rent there are a number of different order we may request, based on your individual circumstances:

  • Adjournment – This will usually be an agreement for you to pay your rent in full, whilst trying to resolve your financial difficulties. A further hearing will be required if you default on this order
  • Suspended Possession Order - This is an order that will require you to pay full rent plus an amount towards the arrears on a weekly basis. If you default on this order the case will be put forward for eviction
  • Immediate Possession Order – If you have failed to engage with our Income/Financial Independence team we will request an order which requires you to vacate the property within a set number of days, usually 7, 14 or 28 days
  • Warrant of Possession – If you breach a Court order and are unable to bring it back in to line we will apply for a Warrant of Possession. At this point a County Court Bailiff will set a date for you to be evicted from your home.

In all cases we will request a Monetary Judgement in Court, this is likely to affect your credit rating.

All debts owed to us at the end of a tenancy will be actively pursued.