Financial Independence Team

Our financial independence team are here to help you if you need advice and support with any money matters.

We can support you with things such as:

  • Benefits
  • Budgeting
  • Accessing specialist debt advice
  • Reducing utility debts and ongoing utility costs

We can also put you in touch with specialist agencies who can help you with different money issues. Following an initial phone call, we’ll arrange a face to face appointment within 7 days, because you told us you prefer to meet face to face. These appointments can be made for your home address or at your local Plus Dane office.

We’re here to help you. If you feel that you could benefit from speaking to a member of the team please get in touch – nobody has to struggle alone. Call 0800 169 2988, use our live chat service or contact us via our mobile app.

How we’ve helped others

We recently contacted customers who have used our financial independence service and they were really happy with the support they’d received from the team. They felt the level of knowledge and support available meant we were able to make a real difference. Some of the comments we received were:

"You can relax and go through complicated paperwork.  You have time to explain things and find all of the information and paperwork you need in just one appointment’’

"Fantastic support! The lady came to my house and we dealt with everything all together.  I had become ill and couldn’t cope, needing to go on to new benefits but not having a clue what to do’’

"Worked with the lady for a long time, she was fantastic and helped me to complete some complicated forms and deal with difficult telephone conversations’’

"I can’t describe it really. Everything was on top of me and now I’ve had support and I’m on the right path.  I was so stressed but the support I have had has been the best thing for me’’

We also can also offer support if you're looking for work, find out more here.