Report a Repair

Report a repair using our online reporting tool here or download our app.

This also offers ways to pay your rent, contact us and find out about other services. To download, search 'Plus Dane' on App Store and Google Play.

You can also report a repair by phone, online by adding your information below or you can email us. Always report emergency repairs by telephone 0800 169 2988. 

We provide a high-quality out-of-hours service.

This is an emergency repair and anti-social behaviour (ASB) telephone service only.

Some examples of an emergency repair are:

  • work needed to avoid immediate risks to health and safety
  • where there is extensive damage to the building
  • complete loss of heating, hot water or power
  • a major water burst or flooding
  • major structural defects.

We aim to respond to emergency repairs within four hours. Once the risk has been removed, we will usually carry out the repair within urgent or routine priorities depending on the type of work needed.

If you think you can smell gas you should call the National Gas Emergency Freephone number 0800 111 999.