Ending your tenancy

All the information you need to know when planning to end your tenancy.

Before making a final decision to leave your home, please give us the opportunity to talk through all the options we can offer. If you are having difficulties with your tenancy, we may be able to help.

If you do decide to end your tenancy, you need to give us at least 4 weeks notice ending on a Sunday and hand the keys back to us by 12pm on the Monday. If you move out during the notice period, you are still responsible for paying the rent and other charges until your tenancy ends.

When you end your tenancy you need to:

  •   Tell us where you are moving to

  •   Make sure anyone living with you leaves on the day your tenancy ends

  •   Leave your home clear of belongings, furniture and rubbish – this includes the loft and outside of your home

  •   Finish any outstanding repairs for which you are responsible

  •   Complete any changes that you made during the tenancy

  •   Make sure that you do not owe us rent or any other charges