Selling your home / Buying more shares in your home

Selling your home

If you want to sell your Shared Ownership home you must first inform us, as we may be able to nominate a person to buy your share.

Secondly, you must have an independent valuation carried out on the property and it will be resold at the market value of the property at that time.

If we’re unable to find a buyer for your home you may be able to sell your property on the open market, but it will be up to you to market and sell the property and pay the full cost of estate agent fees, solicitor fees, valuation report, etc.

Please note that this process may vary depending on what it says in your lease. Visit the Guide to Your Lease page for more information.

Read our full Step-by-Step Guide to selling your home.

Buying more shares in your home

As a Shared Owner you have the option to buy more shares in your home, known as staircasing.

It may be worth speaking to a financial advisor or your current lender to establish whether you are in a position to buy more shares in your home. We can also put you in touch with a financial advisor for an affordability assessment.

If, after speaking to a financial advisor, you do want to proceed with buying more shares in your home, then you will need to get a RICS valuation as your valuation will determine the cost of the share you purchase. Please note we cannot accept estate agent valuations.

Contact us and we can instruct a valuation on your behalf. There is £150 charge for this.

When you staircase the amount of rent that you pay on the unsold share will reduce accordingly.

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