Social Value

Plus Dane's Social Value Statement.

We are an organisation with a strong social purpose providing housing at below market cost to tenants and customers of modest means. As a responsible business, social value is at the core of everything we do.

Our core business; the provision of affordable social rented housing, creates intrinsic social value in itself. However, we can also do much more, and in the current economic climate, we desperately need to do so to support our customers and the communities where we work.

We recognise and deliver social value:

Directly, in the services that we provide for our customers, and in the communities that we work with;

  • Through the procurement and commissioning of goods, works and services
  • In partnership with other organisations, enterprises and individual people.

In the simplest terms, through the implementation of our social value framework we are looking to deliver greater improvement to the economy, society and the environment in neighbourhoods where we own and manage homes.

We have adopted the CiH definition of social value, which is:
‘The wider non-financial impacts of programmes, organisations and projects, especially on the wellbeing of individuals and communities and of the environment’

In order to ensure that our work is both focused and achievable, our social value priorities are:

  • Economic - Strengthen the local economy by enabling more people to be active within our local economies, supporting local businesses to develop and grow and sourcing products and services from local organisations and suppliers;
  • Social - Build stronger and resourceful communities that are resilient and sustainable, supporting the capacity of local groups and individuals to help themselves. Have healthier and happier people in our communities by providing and supporting activities and services that improve wellbeing and reduce social isolation;
  • Environmental - Create improved places and reduce environmental impact by enhancing the local environment, and acting responsibly to reduce the impact on the environment.

Our Social Value Framework considers people at all stages; starting well, living well and aging well. It details specific ways in which Plus Dane alone and in partnership, will deliver tangible outcomes against these priorities.